VR avatar

This project was developed to control a virtual avatar with the controllers of the HTC Vive, i.e. translate the arm movements from the real world to the virtual world. I implemented this project as part of my bachelor thesis for the Jumpcube project. At first, a 3D avatar of an astronaut was modelled and textured from scratch using ZBrush, Cinama4D and Photoshop. Afterwards, an inverse kinematics software was implemented in C# for Unity, in order to calculate the arm joint angles from a given hand position. This software was then used to calculate arm movements based on the controller position of the HTC Vive.

  • Inverse kinematics control
  • Movement translation from Vive controller to in-game hand
  • can be used with 3D-Avatar
  • Integration with Jumpcube
  • 3D model of astronaut